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Add aesthetic beauty to your home with attractive slate flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-23
Laminate QinGe bamboo flooring has made the most significant changes to the flooring industry in the last 25 years and continues to make huge changes and improvements on hard surface counter components.
In Europe, they have been enjoying its features and benefits for decades, but not as reinforced flooring as we know it today.
Decorative laminate material is actually the origin and beginning of what is now called a laminate floor.
Decorative laminate is widely used in kitchen countertops and furniture.
With the development of technology in the laminate industry at the top of the counter, it is clear that with the countless decorations that can be created, or created and used on the floor.
The idea of laminate flooring was born.
There are a lot of technical challenges here, and the first one is how to use a simple countertop laminate and make flooring products. The flooring product will be subject to more abuse as it is put on a layer.
The improvements and ideas that followed the wave of technology did not stop.
The market share of reinforced wood flooring dominated by European countries has increased year by year, and no market has grown so rapidly as the North American market.
The mass marketing campaign led by brands such as Pergo is now synonymous with laminate flooring, which was introduced to the American public in early 1990.
The actual history of laminate flooring in North America is very short, because Pergo\'s new flooring product laminate flooring in North America has been recognized by the family, so it is widely called \"Pergo\" flooring, once again become synonymous with all brands and \"Holy Stone \".
Glue products in 2000 reinforced floors;
Despite this, the market share of the North American flooring industry is still growing at double-digit rates.
Many other traditional carpet and vinyl flooring manufacturers in the United States have added laminate flooring to their portfolio.
The private label laminate was then born.
Laminate flooring is easy to put on a private label, you just need to change the plug-in or package and then create another flooring brand or series.
This is especially useful for hardwood flooring and carpet manufacturers as they can use this new product.
Traditional manufacturers of carpets and hardwood floors have a huge distribution network, and their own flooring brands can place thousands of new floor displays in a few months, and new brands are beginning to be seen everywhere.
This continues to drive growth in the US economy.
As traditional carpet and vinyl flooring manufacturers in the United States present themselves as laminate flooring manufacturers, advertise products, place laminate flooring monitors and drive sales.
The schedule for the US market is growing just as fast in the next phase, and I will break it down in chronological order: 2000 is particularly painful for carpet manufacturers in Dalton, Georgia, they were completely blinded by the aggressive marketing of the laminate floor on the carpet, this is also reinforced flooring from the promotion of laminate flooring products with low allergies and display close-up shots where the majority of the market share of mites and bugs on the carpet did not help domestic carpet manufacturers.
All hard surface flooring companies benefit from this.
It was an exciting year for the laminate floor sales staff, even with the dreaded installation demo and adhesive floor.
By 2001, 2000 per year involved new, exciting and innovative changes in the laminate flooring market.
The first change really started in 2001 without glue lamination.
This is the first time to introduce a metal clip in the back and in the sales demo, and when you try to put it together, you almost need a sledgehammer, which is harder than the bonding method.
Not very popular, but all we need is design and solutions.
2002 glue technology a year later
Introduction of less laminate flooring and glue-
Less laminate starts to revolutionize the flooring industry again.
Belgium\'s Unilin industrial company has launched a rapid
Enter the US market. Quick-
Step adopts the patented Uniclic joint system.
Several other manufacturers have purchased licenses for the use of Uniclic\'s joint technology, thereby acknowledging that Uniclic is the industry standard for glueLess technology.
There are still 95% of the US market using adhesive laminate material, this time led mainly by the home center called \"easy-\"Lock\', \'Quick-Lock\', \'Speedy-
To push consumers to an unusually friendly D. I. Y. glue-
Less series of laminate flooring.
According to prediction in 2002 of purchasing 2004 100% of laminate flooring industry will glueless.
2003 this again proves to be a dynamic year in the laminate flooring industry, with sales of products per square foot continuing to climb, however, lawsuits about the patents of the lock system, who created the lock system and who can use the lock system surfaced and will last for many years.
In addition to the lawsuit, the current technology is very satisfied with the glue
Less free installation, now a special DI. Y.
Friendly products focus on creating products that are as real as possible.
2004 this has caused some great changes in the quality of the laminate itself.
Standard glue-
The free laminate flooring product is 7 \"wide 54\" and has a slight \"tick\" effect, and the panel is used with glue
Less free locking system.
Most of the products are imported from Europe.
Floor strengthening factory at the end of 2004 (
Although it is not fully integrated and small in size compared to its European counterparts)
Began to appear around the United States.
Although the larger carpet manufacturers in the United States have not fully integrated, they have invested in laminate flooring facilities (
The importance of vertical integration can be discussed later).
But it shows US retailers and dealers that the product has arrived and it\'s time to start supporting a horse.
This has led to more innovations from overseas, the first being wood grain texture --
The laminate itself has a heavier wood texture, but it is random, not realistic, and is actually a modest upgrade, and at first all manufacturers tried to sell the improvement for $0.
But the reality is that they produce this texture without increasing the cost of the manufacturer.
It\'s just a different pressure plate.
2005 the proceedings on the lock-in system continue, and by the way, the lock-in system action is not a simple angle long joint on the laminate floor, and all legal proceedings are focused on the end lock-in joint.
Continuing to pursue the creation of precise wooden replicas of hardwood floors leads to a technique called \"registration and registration\" or \"relief and Registration.
The idea of doing this is to perfectly indent the pattern of oak into the board, so the texture of oak or cherry is realistic for touch.
Soon, all the manufacturers are chasing the technology and it requires a relatively simple process to create the right paper (décor pattern)
Then there is a press plate and the end of the manufacturing process to match the paper decoration and then you will have a texture relief.
The legal argument about who raised the technology follows.
In the 2006 Brand year, dealers with \"own brands\" try to position themselves as manufacturers --
The biggest one is a vinyl manufacturer who is trying to position themselves as a market leader.
After the acquisition, Mohawk Industries acquired Unilin\'s fast-Step\' in 2006.
It has also become a year of home center business, and having your label product in one of the three major home centers in the US is the ultimate goal.
One of the major carpet manufacturers and dealers at Dalton factory has obtained business at Home Depot.
Pergo works well with a vinyl manufacturer and you put a private label on their laminate production line in the Lowes Home Improvement store.
Being a vinyl manufacturer, not a laminate manufacturer, is a major issue and a key weakness as Lowes home improvement companies change their purchasing policy to \"only\" to buy the factory directly.
A major Swiss group and laminate flooring manufacturer also owns the world\'s largest factory in Heiligengrabe, Germany, who has been secretly building factories in Barnwell and SC has replaced vinyl manufacturers at the right time, become a supplier of Lowes Home Improvement.
2007 really saw the two legal systems that eventually emerged in the lock-in system on legal issues, and the innovation under Valinge and Uniclic held about $100 each to pay the user fee. 04SF to $0. 07SF.
The licensee has been granted to all parts of the world, which has led to the renewal
The emergence of laminate flooring in China.
In the middle of 1990, China was one of the world\'s fastest growing market for laminate flooring, most of which was provided by container transport from Europe, with China\'s large distributors of 100 containers per month
Or 2,400 pallets a month.
China\'s ingenuity quickly copied the process and bought 2001, and there are many factories in China (
Great government subsidies.
, Some of this product is back to the United States as an imported product, but the legal issue of locking the system and potential inventory freezes, stopping and stopping the letter scares most dealers.
2008 China is back, this time the large factory has a license agreement, it is legal, the machine that makes the laminate floor comes from Europe, the product quality is very good.
The market strategy is also excellent, they create a new look, instead of chasing the low-end dogfighting market of 7mm and 8mm.
This new narrow board is a narrow board with its edges tilted, about 5 \"wide\" compared to standard 8 from Europe, and 5 \"wide is the appearance of a board, combined with the beveled, registered and embossed of the final floor they created.
That\'s it, over the past 25 years, everything has reached its climax, with a 5 inch wide narrow board, beveled or micro-beveled all around the floor, realistic textured surface and lifetime warranty.
European adjustments, but they are a down-to-earth, China, not the pursuit of high quality low-end markets, the highest quality laminate you can buy, they can make it affordable in the US market.
2009 we don\'t know where to go from here yet, but the same was said in 2005, the laminate floor now looks really good, you can\'t tell it apart from the real hardwood floor, the only clue is that the price of the laminate flooring is much lower than the solid wood flooring that chooses more colors.
2009 will be a difficult year for the economy, as will 2010.
Quality and price are the focus of consumer attention.
As consumers become more educated, brands will become less important.
The huge price fluctuation of a dealer\'s four-sided diagonal board and narrow board, the price is $5 SF, and the price of another dealer is $0.
89SF, but there is absolutely no technical difference in the product.
Consumers will study and the gap will be narrowed.
The laminate flooring in the US market is an extraordinary story of growth and innovation.
I don\'t think the years of economic hardship will have much impact on its future survival.
This is a good product, you can get incredible value through the efforts and research of consumers.
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