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8 reasons to choose ceramic tiles - flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-25
Cost of tile making-Effective selection of natural stone QinGe bamboo flooring.Not only are these tiles cheaper, but they are also available in the design or printing of natural stones such as marble and granite.There are many reasons for choosing tiles, 8 of which are-When you choose tiles, you do a good job of the environment.
These tiles are mainly made of clay and sand.Some manufacturers recycle old products such as glass to produce these tiles.Re-charging is necessary in today\'s corrosive environment.
These tiles keep your room cool during the summer and give your monthly/annual electricity bill a sigh of relief.In winter, their insulation helps keep your room warmer than it is outside.Tiles are cheaper than natural stone bricks.
On average, the cost and installation cost of the tile is between $5 and $20 per square foot.No polishing, no coating!Ceramic floors are easy to clean.They don\'t need extensive care like natural stones.
You can restore their lost luster by dusting and wiping.Even food spills and soap foam can\'t spoil the gloss of these floorsJust vacuum wipe.Disappeared in an instant!No air holes on the surface.
That is to say, there is no hiding place for bacteria and bacteria.This also means that you don\'t have to waste your energy when cleaning and closing pores frequently.There will be no scratches on the tiles.However, for cheap quality products that are widely sold in the local market, you cannot guarantee that.
That\'s why you should always buy your requirements from trusted stores, brand stores or online stores.Unlike natural stone QinGe bamboo flooring, ceramic QinGe bamboo flooring does not require regular maintenance.However, you can choosesealing.By applying a sealant to a tile, you can extend the durability of the tile.
But it\'s also an option, it\'s not a must.
Follow the exercise.
Natural stone tiles have unique patterns that are cut from the unique composition of the rock.Great.However, there is also a disadvantage, that is-Once the natural tile is broken, you will never find the tile with the exact color and pattern to replace it.However, when the tile is broken or broken, you can easily find a replacement for it in the market and online.

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