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5 ways hi-tech retailers are secretly screwing you

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-04
Like us, retailers can cheat you in countless ways.
But maybe nothing is more common than in the upper class.
Tech gadgets, where customers are always more ignorant about what they buy.
Therefore, it opens up a new field of Dickens. . .
5 forced you to toss very well (and Expensive)
Printer InkSo, you are printing homework/office report/ransom note/something when your printer runs out of black ink.
Well, time drops (If you\'re lucky).
If you ask a printer manufacturer why ink is more expensive than good wine, they will tell you that this is because there are a lot of things in these cartridges besides ink (
While this can\'t answer why it can afford the printer\'s cartridge, it can\'t include the USB cable).
The manufacturer is right. -
There are a lot of printing agencies in the cartridges.
Not to mention that they have to put in the kill switch, forcing you to throw them away before they are actually empty.
Yes, it turns out that many of the cartridges manufactured by HP and Lexmark have switches that cause the cartridges to fail after a while, whether they are empty or not.
It\'s not just some crazy conspiracy theory either.
Senior \"ink scientist\" of HP \"(
Yes, this is actually his real title)Niles Miller
According to Miller, this is due to the fact that most newer printers have \"integrated pipes\" and may be blocked by \"expired ink.
Miller suggests that if consumers want to avoid this, they will buy a printer with an \"integrated cartridge\" because they don\'t kill the switch.
Given that HP does have and does not have an \"integrated cartridge\", it is easier said than done.
\"So why not put the easily clogged pipe in the cartridge?
In this way, we can throw away the blocked cartridges without having to waste our money on the moody cartridges.
The printer company decided that they would rather sacrifice our money so they could \"put more ink in the cartridge \".
\"You may not be able to use more ink.
This is actually OK for an office where they will do a lot of printing and run out long before the ink \"expires.
\"But if we don\'t use cartridges fast enough, tens of millions of home users who don\'t print lengthy declarations every day are forced to throw away countless very good cartridges.
The natural idea is to say, \"then, screw them.
I will refill my cartridge or buy a regular cartridge that will not have this defect. \" Yeah, .
Consumables for printers (
Such as ink cartridges)
They made a profit of 90%, and the printer company was reluctant to give up so easily.
The chips of the printer company (
Including HP, Le Meng, Canon, Epson)
Installation on their cartridges also limits the use of after-sales cartridges.
HP disabled certain features on after-sales ink, while Lexmark completely blocked them.
A manufacturer called \"static control\" tried to make a ink cartridge, mimicking Lexmark\'s \"smart chip\" used on the ink, and subsequently Lexmark was sued for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Four senior taxis in the new high
The definition format is very extensive and we can write a whole book on it.
However, we are concerned about the cable itself.
Assault quiz: you will be wrong if you answer anything other than \"not a damn thing.
The Monster Cable price is $1 feet and the Ampac cable price is $1, which is for no reason. 67 a foot.
\"Now, wait, it\'s broken,\" you might say, \"the price of the Monster brand cable is definitely nearly 800% higher than the $10 cable at Walmart, right?
\"It depends on who you ask.
According to Monster, its cables cost more because they \"require advanced design and construction as well as strict quality control standards.
But the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The consumer affairs program allows a production engineer to test them.
But that\'s Canada--
Maybe this is a measure of picture quality.
Well, no, Cnet buys cheap HDMI cables.
HDMI is a pure digital signal so there is no degradation.
This photo either works well or doesn\'t work at all.
If you receive any signal, you will get a signal of 100%.
If that\'s not what Best Buy told you.
As a result, $90 is spending quite a bit on HDMI cables, especially, but it\'s still a fraction of what customers can spend on installation.
So they just skipped a little bit from the top, right?
Enter AudioQuest, a company that produces HDMI cables.
6 feet Cable for $700.
More than 1 feet yuan.
This is also not a pricing issue or a typo.
AudioQuest has a price list on its website.
The company did not even mention the fact on the website that you paid for its cables.
On the other hand, it has a link to the USB cable press release on the Facebook page with comments, \"Our new dulgence USB cable may change your mind about \'Only 1 and 0.
\"This ignores the fact that USB transfers digital data, not analog audio or video, and is actually\" just 1 and 0.
\"In the age of the Internet, the same product, different price retailers have a problem: it is clear that it is cheaper to sell things online ---
There are no stores available for construction or maintenance and no sales staff available for payment.
That\'s why online
Only retailers such as Amazon or NewEgg can exceed the price of everyone else.
But you have chain stores like Best Buy and Walmart, which have physical stores that operate online.
Therefore, this raises the question of how they can price their online goods at the price of \"online goods\" in order to compete in physical stores while still charging the full price.
This is a subtle operation when the site is so closely connected to the actual store ---
On the website, you can find the location of the store and even find how many items are on the store shelves.
They are not set up as separate operations.
And since many customers will do their price-
Compare work online and then simply drive to the store instead of waiting to ship, you end up with a lot of annoyed people, when they arrived, they found that the price of online advertising was not the same as what they saw on the shelves.
Obviously, the solution is to lie to them openly.
In 2007, Best Buy had repeatedly been caught using an internal site that looked almost identical to the public --Facing the website. . .
The difference is that it shows a higher price.
So the real website, Best Buy.
Com will show that an item is on sale.
Customers will drive to the store where there will be goods.
When the customer mentions the site price to the employee, the employee will prove that they are wrong.
Then they say, \"Did you see it?
You got it wrong.
It looks like the sales are over.
Best Buy insists it has no intention of misleading its customers.
Maybe \"misleading\" is not the right word, how about \"cheating\", \"misleading\" or simply \"lying?
Best Buy from Connecticut\'s attorney general\'s office was finally in December 2010.
However, this did not stop the company during the investigation.
Wal-Mart has never been accused of using fake websites,.
Please keep in mind that this is an offer \"price-
Match \"the lowest price for any competitor, but they won\'t if the customer shows the company their own online advertising price\"match\" itself.
A customer just said, OK, I will order \"in-store pickup\" --
Items apparently placed on the shelves in the store.
He was told he had to wait two weeks to get it.
Still, Amazon has to win the prize at the highest price
Difference scheme.
As early as 2000, it launched the so-called \"price Test \".
\"Amazon will analyze your previous purchases and start charging you instead of the actual price of the item.
Customers find that if they clean up the cookies, they usually find that the same item is priced at less than the one they provide when they log in.
After the customer\'s anger, Amazon apologized, presumably unless it could come up with a way not to be caught.
As most people know, the \"extended warranty\" offered by retailers is often useless ().
But they are not the most shadiest thing that happens in the gadget warranty, which is usually designed to not include what is most likely to be damaged.
One of the latest trends in digital photography, for example, can be overwhelmed.
Who doesn\'t want to take pictures of marine life while on vacation?
For obvious reasons, most of the warranty for consumer electronics does not include water damage, but they must certainly be an exception to the camera advertised as waterproof, right? Actually, no.
Olympus pointed out in the manual that the damage caused by the liquid (Page 75)
Fujifilm says you (Page 111).
This is not just a case of reprinting the model warranty policy ---
At the same time, the customer actually had problems trying to repair the waterproof camera, telling a man about missing the software that came with the HP printer and installing the new HP software that HP suggested the replacement of the device.
A bug in the software disabled the printer.
So he called HP for a solution and HP said it would be happy to help. . .
As long as he pays for his support.
His machine is not under warranty, so unless he pays extra cash for privileges, the company won\'t help him with the HP printer.
How much did HP make from this \"bug?
It\'s not that we can complete the entire entry without considering the extended warranty and service plan.
When the iPad is still hot and in short supply, they want to buy an iPad.
He grabbed one of the remaining several iPads and was told that another customer had purchased all the remaining iPads over the phone.
But Best Buy is willing to sell it to him. . .
If he is willing to pay $129 for the \"Black Tie Protection Program.
We were impressed by the restraint that Best Buy showed.
The store can also let him buy a bunch of HDMI cables.
1 \"optimize\" we don\'t want to buy the best here, we really don\'t.
Maybe just as a chain, they are almost completely focused on electronics and electronics, and the profit margin is very small, so all the suspicious stuff is just that they are trying to stay in operation.
However, this does not bother you a little less when you encounter these things.
So, in any case, anyone who bought a computer at best is likely to be served by the geek team, regardless of the extended warranty ---
Sorry, service plan. -
Creation or optimization of backup media.
The idea is that the geek team will go through your new computer, remove all the extra programs that come with it, and install all the Windows updates.
Best Buy charges $40 for the service.
Overall, this does not seem to be bad.
While the average cracked reader may do all this by himself, it sounds like a great service for our mothers and grandmothers, this will make it unnecessary for us to do technical support for them.
That is, until you are forced to do it.
The problem with Best Buy\'s optimized service is that it takes time.
Ask a customer who just bought a brand for $1,000.
The new laptop will be back in a few hours as it has the risk of upsetting customers.
In response to this situation, Best Buy decided to advance
Optimize part of its inventory to enable it to sell goods to customers without delay.
\"But what if I don\'t want an optimized laptop? \"You may ask.
So, dear reader.
Depending on where you go, Best Buy gives you three options: pay for the optimization, wait for Best Buy to cancel the optimization or go somewhere else.
However, if you unfortunately shop in Staples, you only have two options :.
Staples won\'t even undo the settings \".
\"If you buy this pre-
Optimized laptop and decided to return it?
Well, it\'s already open, so there\'s a good chance that you\'ll be forced to pay a restocking fee for the opened item.
How do they optimize you? It .
The consumer report tested three \"optimized\" laptops and compared them with the unoptimized ones and found no improvements.
The performance of one of the laptops was actually worse, down 32%.
Hell, you can let grandma do it yourself and get better results.
Even better, it\'s not just a complex laptop that gets optimized for processing.
When purchasing the PS3, Best Buy will provide the service of downloading firmware updates.
Keep in mind that installing this update requires pressing \"X\" on the controller and making sure you do not turn off the power or turn on the circuit breaker.
Users must learn how to do it in one way or another ---
Sony updates the PS3 firmware every few months or so.
After that, Best Buy is also very happy to come to your house.
For modern television, the process involves inserting a cable into a hole.
One HDMI cable, you don\'t want it to cost $700.
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